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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does the Trophy Mount System run on the latest version of Windows?

A: Yes, that includes both 32 and 64 bit versions of each.

Q: Does TMS need the internet or cloud to run?

A: No.  Trophy Mount System runs only on the computer it is installed on and does not rely on an internet connection or cloud based features.

Q: What do I do when I see "Logon Failure..." red line?

A: TMS depends on a database server running.  You need to launch the database server which is called Interbase.  Interbase was installed during the TMS installation process.  The goal is to make sure Windows starts Interbase whenever Windows itself starts so that you never have to start Interbase yourself.  The following instructions will make it so that Interbase always starts when Windows does:

Build a shortcut on your desktop to start InterBase manually before running TMS.  If Interbase is already running you will not need to start it again.

1) Launch Window File Explorer.  File Explorer is usually an icon on your task bar along the bottom of your screen or you can invoke it by pressing the 'Windows Key' + 'E' simultaneously.
2) The folder “C:\Program Files (x86)\InterBase Corp\InterBase\Bin” on you computer contains a file named “ibserver.exe”.
3) Using a file explorer view, right click on the file and choose the “Send To” item.
4) Choose the “Desktop (create shortcut)” item.
5) Close File Explorer.

Now copy that shortcut you just created on your desktop to the Windows startup area so that Interbase starts to run whenever Windows is restarted.

1) Right click the new desktop icon "ibserver.exe - Shortcut" and choose the item "Copy".
2) Launch "Run" dialog box by pressing windows start button | Windows System | Run, or by pressing the 'Windows Key' + 'R' simultaneously.
3) Type "shell:startup" into the "Open" editing area and press "OK".
4) When the "Startup" file explorer displays, right click anywhere in the open area and choose the item "Paste".
5) Close all open windows and Restart your computer.

After Windows restarts, you should be able to launch TMS without the "Logon Failure" message.

Q: What do I do when I get a new computer and I want to move TMS from my old computer to the new one?...

1) Request a new install CD and provide name and address to send it to or request a download link for the latest new install. This will make sure you have a fresh install of the latest version on the new PC.
2) When you receive the install CD or download link, install TMS only on the new computer.
3) On the old computer, perform a backup from within TMS Utility section to a USB stick.
4) On the new computer, perform a restore from within TMS Utility section from the USB stick.

Q: Does TMS run on other operating systems?...

A: No.  Trophy Mount System does not run on Apple or Linux operating systems, only PC based Windows.

Q: I would like a change made to TMS.   What should I do?...

A: Contact us.   We can discuss with you the depth of your request.   If the change must be made deep within the bowels of TMS, it will probably wait until the next major version upgrade.   If the change is just cosmetic or simply adding another report, it should just take a couple of weeks to implement.  These simple changes are FREE.

Once the testing and release packaging is complete for the request, we will notify the requestor and post the new version on the download update page for them and all other TMS customers to use.

Our primary objective in facilitating any request, is that the requested change benefit all of the other TMS customers as well.   If it is a specific request that will really only benefit one taxidermist, then it is much harder to justify changing TMS just to meet one customer's need.

If you notice a defect in the software, we will make that our top priority to fix and get an update out as soon as possible.



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