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ScoreBox Pickleball

Willamette Personal Computer Services has a scoreboard to let everyone know what the status is for your pickleball game.

Our ScoreBox Pickleball scoreboard shows information about your pickleball match as controlled by your Apple or Android smartphone.  The ScoreBox is completely portable since it is powered by most any battery used to recharge your smartphone (5200mAH or above).  In the event you have access to an electric outlet, you can use the charger of your smartphone as the power source (MicroUSB only at this time).

Your smartphone operates the ScoreBox using its low energy Bluetooth connection capability.  It can be operated up to 50 feet away (interference factors will vary) .  Based on the output characteristics of the battery supply, it can operate for up to 5 hours at a time. 

The LED display of the ScoreBox is influenced by sunlight.  It is difficult to make out the numbers in direct sunlight but at an angle to the sun or shaded from the sun, the numbers become clearer.  There is no visibility issue when used indoors.

Placement of the scoreboard can be accomplished using the included clips which allow it to hang from most any solid clipable object (chain link fence for example).  It can also be placed on a camera/video tripod or stand using the built in threaded socket in the base of the scoreboard.  If nothing else, it can sit on the ground or on a table/chair.  The scoreboard may be prone to tipping over when just sitting on something, but it is built sturdy enough to withstand that.


  • Player/Team Score
  • Player/Team Server
  • Game/Set/Wins

Bonus Features

  • Clock
  • Count Down Timer (from 100 minute limit)
  • Count Up Timer (to 100 minute limit)

If you have questions, comments or suggestions for the ScoreBox Pickleball scoreboard feel free to contact us from the information found on our contact page.

The ScoreBox Pickleball scoreboard and smartphone software that controls it are proudly designed, manufactured and coded in McMinnville, Oregon, USA.

Our manufacturing uses 3D printed parts which we design and print ourselves.   Because of that, we can facilitate minor change for customization without much additional cost if any.   Color change is easy based on the abundance of colors of 3D printer filament.