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Trophy Mount System

Download Demonstration

If you are a current customer, there is no need to revert to this demonstration or install it on a new PC.   Please visit the update page or request an install CD if you are not on the current version and will be installing on a new PC or reinstalling on an existing PC after you have performed a TMS Utility backup.

Download Instructions:
  • Print out these Adobe Acrobat formatted Installation Instructions (you must enter information from these instructions during setup).

  • Press the Download button below.

  • Select a file name in your web browser to save the file if requested.

  • Double click TMSDemo.EXE (29.5 megabytes) after it downloads to your computer.

The demonstration setup is compressed into a ZIP file.   The run of TMSDemo.EXE will automatically uncompress and launch the system setup process for you.


The installation instructions is just a .pdf version of what you would get with the Demonstration CD had you requested it instead of downloading from here.   The document also includes un-install instructions.





In the event of download difficulty, you can request a free demonstration CD to see exactly what the system is all about by filling out the Request form.