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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does Show Biz run on Vista, 7?

A: Yes.  


Q: Does SB run on other operating systems?...

A: Yes.  It actually runs on all Microsoft Windows operating systems all the way back to Win95.  We don't encourage that however, since those OS's are no longer supported by Microsoft.  Show Biz does not run on Apple or Linux operating systems.


Q: I would like a change to SB.   What should I do?...

A: Contact us.   We can discuss with you the depth of your request.   If the change must be made deep within the bowels of SB, it will probably wait until the next major version upgrade.   If the change is just cosmetic or simply adding another report, it should just take a couple of weeks to implement.

Once the testing and release packaging is complete for the request, we will notify the requestor and post the new version on the download update page for them and all other SB customers to use.

Our primary objective in facilitating any request, is that the requested change benefit all of the other SB customers as well.   If it is a specific request that will really only benefit one customer, then it is much harder to justify changing SB just to meet one customer's need.

If you notice a defect in the software, we will make that our top priority to fix and get an update out as soon as possible.





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